Eichenberger Innovation-Check

Higher performance with new technology

More motion: request a free Innovation-Check without delay

Experience technical dialogue at the highest level with the Innovation-Check. We show you how to master challenges and make your product more innovative. We also think in unexpected new directions.

Your requirements and specifications

  • Optimisation of your solution: the performance of your current drive solution is unsatisfactory.
  • Further development:
    you wish to find out if there is a new, better drive solution for your product.

What is involved in the Innovation-Check:

  • Check: Eichenberger experts assess how to optimise your drive and which products to use.
  • Response in 1 to 2 days: You will receive the evaluation, a concrete proposal and an offer for the corresponding components within the shortest possible time.

    All important parameters such as cost-effectiveness, increased performance, optimisation of installation space, weight reduction and smooth running are taken into consideration.